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The West Real Estate Program

 The West Real Estate Program

The West Real Estate Program takes you inside newly built and established homes on the market in WA, getting advice from professionals within the industry to help you build, renovate, buy or sell your home.

If you are looking to get on to the property ladder or want to know more about building or buying a home then the West Real Estate Program will help you.

Our team seeks out the answers from the people who know – from building or buying your dream home, renovating your existing home, making your home ‘eco-friendly’, to introducing the public to new products and the current state of the local WA housing market.

The team at The West Real Estate Program put an entertaining, informative and interactive edge on marketing. Our experienced and highly skilled team makes it possible for your company to communicate with your potential customers in a fun and relatable way that will motivate them to want your product.

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Episode 2 part1 Episode 2 part 2
Episode 3 part1 Episode 3 part 2
Episode 4 part 1 Episode 4 part 2
Episode 4 part 3 Episode 5 part 1
Episode 5 part 2 Episode 6 part 1
Episode 6 part 2 Episode 7 part 1
Episode 7 part 2 Episode 8 part 1
Episode 8 part 2

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