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'Design Create Live' Western Australia

'Design Create Live' Western Australia

‘Design Create Live’ Western Australia premiered Sunday 26th of February 2012 on Channel 7 Perth and GWN.  This pilot created by the HIA is all about owning your dream home.

Hosted by Paula Voce, Design Create Live provides an insight on just what it takes to build your very own dream home in Western Australia. The program follows an in-depth look at building, including financing, buying land and choosing the right design and builder to compliment any lifestyle.

Catering for all tastes and budgets ‘Design Create Live’ Western Australia features inspiring award-winning houses, from first homes to lifestyles of the rich and famous and luxury designs.

HIA’s pilot show is a fantastic opportunity for us to convey positive building messages to a wide range of viewers, and encourages consumers to build and renovate new homes, encouraging work prospects within our local industry.

Sustainability and innovation take centre stage with sustainable home design featuring all the latest technology to achieve the highest energy rating. Custom built homes are also included for those keen to take on a project home, turning designs into practical living spaces.

Managing relationships with builders is vital to the success of any project. Follow the Design Create Live team on a hassle free step-by-step guide to owning your dream home. Learn about the importance of research, kitchen design, choosing the right colour schemes, contracts for building and living layouts.

DESIGN – CREATE - LIVE, Western Australia:

Segment One

Sustainable Homes
(Eco-Logical Building)

Finance Tip: Getting Started

Buy or Build? (BGC and WA Housing Centre)

Segment Two
Buying Land
Housing Local Website

Choosing a House Design and Builder
(Wilson & Hart)

Segment Three
Preparing for Prestart
(GWA Concept Centre)
Kitchen Design
Dwelling Styles
(Inspired Homes)
Segment Four
Changing Styles
(Webb and Brown-Neaves)

Custom Built Homes 1
(Henlyn Constructions)

Segment Five
Pro Builder
(Dale Alcock Homes)
Name and Shame

Innovation In Housing
(Rural Building Company)

Segment Six
Bathroom Renovation
(WA Assett)
(Henlyn Constructions)
Outdoor Areas
(Tallwood Constructions and Dane Designs Eagle Bay)
Segment Seven
Innovation 2
(Tallwood Constructions and Dane Designs Quindalup)

Custom Built Homes 2
(Humphrey Builders and Designers) PV


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