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Deciding on changes

Changes in your household, such as the arrival of a new child or the need for a home office may require changes to your home. Often, homeowners simply want to update their home so that it better suits their lifestyle.

  • Take inventory. Make a list of everything in your home that you need to or would like to change. This includes ‘must-do’ repairs and replacements to maintain your home in good shape, as well as things that don’t work well and things you would like to change. Finally, also note down what you really like about your home and wouldn’t want to change; this can help you, and later your builder, focus on the assets of your home that you want to preserve.
  • Describe each item on your list briefly in terms of your day-to-day living experience. Here are a examples of how homeowners describe some of the more common problems that led to renovation:. We only have one bathroom and with two teenagers and two working parents, getting everyone out the door in the morning is a real headache. I feel like I’ve been in a traffic jam before I even leave the house.We never really use our living room. It’s too formal for the way we live, and with the smaller windows in these older homes, it’s too dark and feels closed-in.
  • Make sure that everyone in your home participates. Builders find that people often overlook things that are inconvenient in their homes simply because they are used to them. So take some time doing an inventory and getting input from all members of the household.
  • Think about seasonal conditions. Consider passive solar design to reduce the heat gain in summer and take advantage of the sun in winter. This can be done by clever design and thoughtful placement of windows. Lifestyle is also an important factor in design, with indoor/outdoor living increasingly popular during the summer months. It is also worth having the ability to close these areas off to the elements during the winter months to make the best use of space all year round.
  • Storage. Provision of adequate storage should be a consideration. Having enough storage space to meet the needs of the family via walk-in robes and cupboards is important.