Xtreme Bushfire Windows And Doors – Aluminium Range from Trend

Xtreme bushfire
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Xtreme Bushfire Windows And Doors – Aluminium Range

We live in a changing world. Due to bushfires, our living environment is becoming more extreme. In fact, many homes lost to bushfires actually survive the main fire, only to fall victim to embers floating through shattered windows or doors.

That’s why Trend has developed the Xtreme bush fire range of fire-rated aluminium windows and doors. They take the top quality Quantum range a step further – changing the design to protect Australian homes against the extremes of nature.

Featuring Pyro-Protec Seals with 5mm toughened glass, Xtreme window systems are designed to withstand up to 40kw/m² of heat flux (CSIRO tested).

These are combined with our patented Van Door system, which is a crucial element in helping a house survive a bushfire.

Xtreme windows and doors are compliant to Section 8 Construction Service Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL-40), Radiant Heat Level 40kW/m², AS3959 (2009). For full details of standards requirements for individual products please refer to Trend Windows & Doors technical department on (02) 9840 2000.

It’s a hard world out there – use Xtreme to help your home tough it out.