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Thermashield Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

The only thing predictable about the weather is that it can and will exert an impact on your comfort and lifestyle.

When it comes to battling the heat and cold, energy-efficient double glazing and low-e glass can offer significant savings by reducing expensive energy bills. When it comes to reducing carbon footprints and helping create a better environment, you cannot go past Trend Windows & Doors' Thermashield.

Windows and doors that utilise the technologically advanced properties of the Thermashield system offer a much more precise way to shield yourself and others from weather extremes.

Thermashield also makes it easy for you to evaluate the level of protection you require for each specific window and door, and to choose accordingly. In turn, this translates into cost savings by reducing heating and cooling bills.

Remember, glazing impacts on a building through its thermal performance whether it is through the size and location of windows, the type of shading surrounding the building or the types of glazing units used in the building.  Trend Thermashield offers a variety of energy efficient glazing options to suit specific climate requirements to improve the thermal performance of your home.

All Trend Windows & Doors brands in the Thermashield range are custom rated to WERS (Windows Energy Rating Scheme) which is approved by the AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council), the only recognised body in Australia for energy rating windows and doors.

The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) also recognizes the above ratings when determining energy requirements.

Thermashield means greater control, bigger savings and, most importantly, one less thing to worry about.

Thermashield – putting climate control together.