Sustainable solutions by Stratco

  • sunroof
  • rain water tanks

Stratco is committed to supplying sustainable solutions, having made a significant investment in Photovoltaic power generation and solar hot water systems.

Stratco’s knowledgeable team will help design the right system for you to maximise the energy efficiency of the home, and the return on your investment.

Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that can be collected as an environmentally responsible way to provide real cost savings to any home or business.

Homeowners and urban planning authorities are recognising the benefits of rainwater collection with new legislation being introduced in many areas.

Sunlight is a proven way to provide environmentally responsible energy as well as real cost savings to any home, school or business. The Stratco range of Solarcore™ energy efficient solar hot water systems will not only help our fragile environment, they will also give you peace of mind that you will have continuous hot water every day for many years to come.