Building products by Stramit

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Stramit® steel roofing is the smart, energy-efficient alternative to tiles.  The aesthetic appeal of Stramit® steel roofing is increased by its flexibility.  You can add attractive features such as bull-nosed verandas, curved roofs and barrel-vaults.

Stramit Building Products is a market leader in metal roofing products, with a broad range of stylish and functional products.  There’s a full range of distinctive profiles, from corrugated to square-ribbed designs, to suit any home design from Federation to funky.

Complement your roof with high quality steel rainwater products, including attractive guttering, fascia and downpipes.  Stramit® gutters add the final design touch – and they combine high water-carrying capacity with the superior strength of hi-tensile steel.

Stramit® steel roofing also makes it easy to achieve 6-Star energy-efficient roofs by using appropriate roof and ceiling insulation.  Contact your nearest Stramit branch for a copy of the brochure “Energy-Efficient Roofing Solutions for 6-Star Residential Buildings”.