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Unequivocally establish the quality credentials of your project

It starts with clean lines and symmetrical design …

Less is more
Choosing Miele is the most direct way to communicate the high quality credentials of your project. Quality, longevity, performance, reliability, excellence – this is what consumers tell us about Miele and what they will say about your project too.

Beauty is a promise
The distinct, archetypal Miele look will assist in setting your project apart. Timeless beauty and seamless integration is achieved through linear symmetrical design, high quality materials and balanced proportions.

Ideas become reality
How are living and working environments changing? How will we cook in the future? And how will appliances support our lifestyle needs? Miele addresses these questions with constant focus on the real needs of today’s consumers and anticipates future needs through global research insights. Technical innovations are reflected in highly user friendly product design features, innovative cooking methods, superior functionality and performance to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyles.

And ends with a peerless guarantee of quality …

Assuming responsibility
Miele is committed to efficiency, low consumption levels and longevity in addition to low levels of maintenance, timeless design and ease of use in terms of cleaning and operating. A holistic regard for values, quality and responsibility towards people and the environment is an intrinsic part of Miele’s DNA.

Quality stands the test of time
Only Miele appliances are German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage. This is a powerful point of differentiation for Miele and a compelling reason to invest in superior appliances... and superior projects.

Forever Better
More than 110 years ago, Miele’s founding fathers expressed their vision when they embellished their first products with “Immer Besser” (Forever Better). Miele is still a German, family owned company and the same credo remains the benchmark and incentive for future developments.

You only have to look at the history of Miele appliances to see that quality has always been the company’s commitment. But quality is not static. Miele appliances evolve, not in response to superficial fads, but as a result of a deep commitment to meeting changing consumer needs and living spaces.

For further information please visit:
www.miele-project-business.com.au or www.miele20years.com.au