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Compact Home Lifts is a nationwide home elevator supplier that specialise in helping property owners stay in their homes for longer with its range of space-saving residential lifts.

These new-generation elevators can be installed in virtually any Australian home by simply plugging it into a domestic power point with no hydraulics required.

Compact Home Lifts offer two models - their capsule-shaped Elegance home elevator which is an ideal alternative to a stairlift - and Elegance Plus which is big enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walking frame.

The lift travels on self-supporting rails with no load bearing walls or major structural work required with a typical installation taking between one and two days.

At Compact Home Lifts, we offer an optional professional building service which simple involves the removing the appropriate hole in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors before the lift is built, from modular sections, into the space.

The firm services the whole of Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

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