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Do you want to save on electricity? Is it time to change your AirCon Filter?

Did you know? Changing the air filter in your Home/Office/Restaurant air conditioning/heater units is the least expensive thing you can do to maintain your cooling/heating system. Dirt and air pollutants can damage your health and damage the equipment requiring expensive repair or replacement of the system. Interior wall, ceiling and a/c vent dirt, grease, mould, smoke and dust build up.

If your air conditioning/heater filter is blocked by particles and other foreign bodies it will run less efficiently as the unit is forced to work harder to push air through. So it will cost more to run, and then, once the air is pushed through, it can even circulate disease throughout your house. This can lead to many respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and even Legionnaires' disease.
Always change or clean your return air filters every 2 to 3 months. Why? Air filters will get clogged after prolonged use and restricted air flow will cause your a/c coils to get clogged.

As the filter ages, it's efficiency is reduced due to the damage of the fibres in the filter media.