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Ritek Custom Roof Panel consists of pre-fabrication that includes Custom Orb COLORBOND® sheeting bonded to both sides of the profiled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation. A high strength to the roof structure which can achieve up to 12.5m unsupported spans and cantilever capability of up to 4.5m.  Cantilevers have high thermal values, which aids in reducing the need for internal HVAC systems.

Ritek Custom Roof Panel is designed to eliminate materials and the time spent on fitting trusses, eave linings, plasterboard, battens, insulation lining, roof sheeting and painting. It is also designed for air change effectiveness, maximises internal space, ventilation, thermal efficiency, providing good levels of daylight and glare control.

Ritek Ecotek has a Trimdeck-style profile upper sheet with a lower sheet of Colorbond corrugated iron, bonded either side of varying thicknesses of polystyrene core.

Ecotek's key benefits:

  • Can achieve up to 12.5m unsupported spans – reducing the need for expensive, obtrusive structures such as roof trusses and support beams;
  • Thermal rating of up to R6.3;
  • High water carrying capacity – up to 10 times that of our Custom Roof Panel;
  • Fully customizable;
  • Suitable for use in cyclonic wind conditions;
  • Can be installed in 50% less time than traditional roof systems