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Renovation - making the most of a shoebox

These steps may help you create an extra functional space or even another bedroom.

  • Clear the room of all the furniture and junk you have collected there. You will probably be surprised at how spacious it looks when it is bare.
  • Work to a plan. Furniture in a small bedroom, for example, should be kept to a minimum. Bedside units can take up a lot of space and if you can get away with one, rather than one on either side of the bed, so much the better.
  • Consider placing a mirror on the wall above the bed to draw the eye up, away from the confines of the floor plan. It will also reflect light.
  • Choose colours and furnishings that are light and unobtrusive.
  • Include an unusual focal point within the room to distract from the lack of space. Let your imagination run wild!


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