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Home health spas

If your budget allows for it and your lifestyle demands it, consider including these elements in your bathroom project for the ultimate in indulgence and convenience.

  • Exercise machines
  • Steam ‘cabins’
  • Spa baths complete with chromotherapy mood lighting
  • A sound system
  • A plasma screen television that slides into a recess when not in use.

A bathroom like this is a significant investment, cost somewhere around $80,000. Even so, real estate experts are predicting that even that kind of money can still reward you with increased property values. What were once considered luxuries are fast becoming necessities for today’s bathrooms.

A more budget-friendly option is to add a single feature, such as a steam cubicle or cabin. Some offer several functions apart from the steam, including a freezing shower for contrast, side jets, an MP3 player and atmospheric lighting.

Contact an HIA member to learn more about luxury bathroom options to suit your budget and lifestyle.


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