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Essentials for the perfect patio

Patios should be easy to maintain, efficient and simple, providing a calm, private place that allow you to unwind after a long day at work.

A poorly designed patio can be gloomy and untidy, cluttered with garbage bins and bicycles. These can quickly start looking neglected and become a waste of space.

Follow these suggestions to get the best result for your patio garden.

  • Orientation is important. You may want the sun in the morning for summer breakfasts and in the evening you may welcome the shade, but will this suit in other seasons?
  • Size is another significant issue. Many patios are too small for comfort. A little strip of concrete or pavers out the back is hardly worth the effort. Use all the space at your disposal and plan carefully.
  • A table and a couple of chairs should fit comfortably. If they don’t, then the patio is too small, both for you and the person who may be buying the property from you down the track. Once you have established you have sufficient space for these essential items add some adornments, such as flower beds, statuary plants or seasonal pots of colour.

Contact an HIA member for more advice on creating the perfect patio for your home.


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