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Bushfire precautions

Here are some standard precautions to keep you, your family and your property protected.

  • Clear debris that may have collected over the winter from roofs, gutters and any outside areas close to the house such as decks and courtyards.
  • Choose materials that will not burn such as metal or concrete instead of timber. Consult your local authority for specific regulations governing construction methods and materials to be used in bushfire-prone areas.
  • Check your access to water supplies which may include rainwater tanks, dams, swimming pools, as well as the mains. A sprinkler system connected to these supplies should be ready in case fire approaches.
  • Do not store firewood against the walls or underneath the home and make sure all doors have close-fitting screens. Keep grass close to all buildings cut short and remove fallen branches that could provide fire fuel.
  • Plant trees and shrubs away from the home, as the resulting open space will create a fire break. Put screens over any chimneys to catch falling embers which will otherwise have a way straight into the interior.

Remember it is everyone’s responsibility to take all possible precautions. You could be saving your life and those of your family, friends and neighbours.


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