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Tips and advice

Brighten up a courtyard wall

Courtyard gardens can be rare gems, especially in the centre of cities were land is scarce.

Bushfire precautions

Bushfire season seems to be getting longer with every passing year, to the point when there is no longer any time when residents in fire-prone areas can relax their guard.

Colour for your home

A new colour scheme is a quick and relatively inexpensive way of transforming your home.

Creating a healthy home

Domestic workshops tend to be intensely personal places and people who own and actually use one (as opposed to those which are left to the dust and spiders) jealously defend their modus operandi as ‘working for them’

Designing a workshop that works

Domestic workshops tend to be intensely personal places.

Essentials for the perfect patio

Most people crave a little outdoor area in which to soak up the sunshine. With space at an absolute premium these days, a patio garden can offer the ideal solution.

Finding space for a bath

Undoubtedly there are times when you would just love to sink into a tub of deliciously warm water and meditate for an hour or so.

Floors with more

Floors need to be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, appropriate for your lifestyle and complement the home and its furnishings.

Home health spas

The next generation of bathrooms are becoming more like private home health spas and gyms.

Renovation - making the most of a shoebox

If your home contains a room that has always seemed too small to be of much more use than a storage or utility area, take another look.

Planning a kitchen for purpose and pleasure

When it comes to the kitchen, always focus on what you want your kitchen to do for you.

Sliding glass doors for flexible living

Open-plan living has become increasingly popular but can reduce the functionality of an area. After all, there are occasions when separate rooms can be a distinct advantage.

The pool debate

With climatologists warning our summers are going to get ever hotter and the drought seemingly endless, there is a lively debate over the future of backyard swimming pools.

The right storage for your liquid assets

Few homes have specialist wine cellars and, even at the high end of the market, cellars rank far behind home theatres and games rooms as luxury add-ons.