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Planning your renovation

Anticipating future needs

As your family changes, so do your needs and priorities in relation to your home. When you plan a renovation project, make sure your plan will suit both your present and future needs.

Be clear on what you want and why

HIA builders are professionals who can offer you design and planning advice to help you choose the right renovation for your house and your needs. Having answers to the following questions can help your builder come up with the best solutions.

Deciding on changes

The decision to renovate can be triggered by a number of things. You may need to repair or replace something, such as roofing, cladding or windows. It may be time to ‘freshen up’ a tired-looking kitchen

Developing your wish list and priorities

Now that you have set goals for your project, it’s time to look for ways to accomplish what you want. This next part of renovation planning can be the most fun and exciting!.

Setting your goals

Your home renovation should provide you with improved function, comfort and convenience. The next step in the process is to set some general goals for your project – goals that address both the things you want to change in your home and the new features you want to add.

The design process

A successful home renovation begins with good design. Whether you are remodelling the entire house, turning your garage into living space or updating your kitchen, the design of your renovation ultimately determines how satisfied you will be with the finished job.

The importance of having a plan

With home renovations, the secret of success lies in careful planning based on a solid understanding of what you want to achieve.